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Conscious Connections

Karina Chapman is an Author, Conscious Connection Expert and Dating and Relationship coach, who is passionate about helping others to connect in meaningful long-term relationships.

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John Overbeek

Under the Microscope

Learn how to overcome obstacles and objections in your Network Marketing business.

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Eva Bergstrom

Network Marketing – Everyone Should Try It At Least Once

Eva Bergstrom wants you to know that NWM benefits are enormous even if you don’t make a million dollars. The benefits are more than riches.

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Gill Stapleton

Why Membership of Direct Selling Australia Matters When Choosing a Company

Discover the benefits of choosing a Network Marketing company that is a member of Direct Selling Australia.

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The World Needs Your Wisdom with Deb King

The World Needs Your Wisdom

Learn how to make a big impact on humanity by sharing the wisdom you didn’t even realise you had, and strengthen your network marketing business as a result.

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4 Steps to Financial Freedom in Network Marketing with Andrew Logan

4 Steps to Financial Freedom in Network Marketing

Discover why success in network marketing – and financial freedom – depends heavily on your attitude to money and your ability to put your money to work for you.

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Alisha Fernandez - Hour of Power

Hour Of Power

Would you love to know how to inspire your team into more action? Alisha will be covering how to create massive action and duplication in your team.

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Lloyd Ross - Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees

Discover how Lloyd leveraged the power of network marketing to build a share portfolio of over $1 million, and how you can too!

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Tanya Roberts

Consistency is Key

Learn how to enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.

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It’s Not About You

Learn how you can create rapport with your prospect in two minutes or less. You can be relaxed while you are talking to a prospect. When someone asks “What do your do?”, you will have them asking for a presentation. Understand how to be kind to yourself. 7 easy questions to qualify your prospects.

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Six Steps To Six Figures This Year

Stay motivated, focused and committed to success 24/7. Overcome the most common objections in network marketing. Leverage benefits vs. features to easily convert more prospects. Master the ONLY 5 skills that matter in making six figures. Attract hundreds of people who WANT to do business with you. Establish a daily DMO so you get more done, faster and easier.

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Five Tips for Building a Massive Network Marketing Business

Discover a free book that will help you develop the perfect script. The biggest mistake people make when using social media to promote their business. Find out more about attraction marketing and how you can use it. When writing your goals you must include these to achieve success. The most underused framework in network marketing, find out what it is.

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