Why Membership of Direct Selling Australia Matters When Choosing a Company | Gill Stapleton

September 2022

Network Marketing Australia
Why Membership of Direct Selling Australia Matters When Choosing a Company

About this podcast

Discover the benefits of choosing a Network Marketing company that is a member of Direct Selling Australia.

What you'll learn:
  • What is the role of DSA?
  • What are the benefits of DSA to the member companies?
  • What is  DSA’s vision for the future of Network Marketing in Australia?
  • How working with a DSA company helps individual marketers.

About Gill Stapleton

Gill Stapleton

Gillian Stapleton was appointed CEO of Direct Selling Australia in July 2016.

Gill is the first female appointed to this position in the Association’s 55-year history.

Gill started her career as a teacher in the UK but joined a home-based direct selling business, so that she could be a full- time mum to her two children.

Rising to the top of that business and achieving every award and trip possible, Gill was offered a corporate role in Australia with that same organisation.

Since then, she has been the CEO of both a Network Marketing organisation, a party-plan business and a national charity. Gill has also previously served as a member of the DSA Board.

Gill is passionate about empowering others, particularly women, to be the best that they can be – a big believer in setting and achieving goals!

Gill has an infectious energy – she has run 12 marathons in the past 10 years…for fun, is currently writing a book (about running) and learning to surf!

About Direct Selling Australia

Direct Selling of Australia Logo

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) is the industry association for direct selling in Australian retail and has been for more than 50 years.

We represent and support organisations that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.

Around 50 organisations are members – including many well-known, household brands.