Under the Microscope | John Overbeek

February 2023

Network Marketing Australia
Under the Microscope

About this podcast

John Overbeek explains how he has overcome adversity and achieved success in his Network Marketing business

What you'll learn:
  • Two essentials for success in Network Marketing
  • How to overcome any objection using ‘Feel | Felt | Found’
  • The 6-step integrity test
  • The history of Network Marketing
  • The six types of compensation plans
  • John’s recommended reading

About John Overbeek

John Overbeek

John Overbeek was our podcast guest almost 15 years ago when Network Marketing Australia first launched.

At that time, John was with another company, but unfortunately that company became extinct which meant that John had to find a new home – a new company.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in Network Marketing – or any business or industry for that matter, however, it means that a person’s income can go from chocolates to boiled lollies over-night.

And when this happens, some people throw the toys out of the cot and say, this business is not for me – I’m never going to do this again.However, John, because of his belief in – and passion for, Network Marketing, he simply dusted himself off and set about to find a new company.

Shortly, John will tell us how he found a new home – and what his criteria was for doing so. The company that John has been with for the past thirteen years is doTERRA.

doTERRA representatives are known as Wellness Advocates and their purpose is not to sell products but to live the natural wellness lifestyle and educate others to do the same.  John is currently a Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate with doTERRA which means that he is well entrenched as one of the company’s most respected and highest achievers.

John began his Network Marketing career forty years ago – way back in 1983.  He often jokes that it took him 12 years to become an overnight success.

From the beginning John was obsessed with the self-development that network marketing offers and he thrived on reading books and absorbing knowledge to become an expert in the industry.

He excels in mentoring and personal development training, and – having a university mathematics background, he understands the complexities of the different compensation plans. He loves to teach people ‘the numbers’.

John has reached a leadership level in six different companies over his forty-year journey, having helped to launch many of these companies not only in Australia, but also in international markets.

On a personal level, John is based in Melbourne with his wife, Paula and has six children and four grandchildren. John and Paula are both avid supporters of the Melbourne Demons in the AFL.

About doTERRA


doTERRA provides the highest grade of essential oils. These oils are used as ingredients for products in hair care, skin care, health care and home care.

The mission of this company is to make a difference with one drop, one person and one community at a time.

The purpose to become a wellness advocate with doTERRA is not to sell products but to live the natural wellness lifestyle and educate others to do the same.