The World Needs Your Wisdom | Deb King

August 2022

The World Needs Your Wisdom with Deb King
Network Marketing Australia
The World Needs Your Wisdom

About this podcast

Learn how to make a big impact on humanity by sharing the wisdom you didn’t even realise you had, and strengthen your network marketing business as a result.

What you'll learn:
  • How sharing your wisdom enhances your network marketing business
  • Why you have more wisdom than you realise
  • 3 practical steps to sharing your wisdom powerfully
  • Gain inspiration for making a even bigger positive impact on humanity

About Deb King

The World Needs Your Wisdom with Deb King

Deb King is an award winning ‘coaches coach’ and promoter of conscious business.  Over the last 20 years she has coached, mentored, and trained thousands of people globally.

In 2020, Deb co-founded The Wisdom Playground, a new era business incubator that explores better ways of doing business to create greater ease, profit, and impact.

Deb describes herself as a ‘Happiness Ambassador’ and enthusiastic human, with a passion for music, travel, life, people, and all things uplifting!

Her unconventional career includes being a bouncer and nightclub manager in London, plus a range of other leadership, sales, and marketing roles.

Today she now utilizes all her skills supporting coaches to get their wisdom out into the world and truly thrive.

About The Wisdom Playground

The Wisdom Playground with Deb King

The Wisdom Playground is a space where we specialise in working with New Era Coaches & Healers, or as we like to call them ‘Wisdom-Preneurs’ – coaches, healers, practitioners and trainers who have a calling to expand their reach and impact, uplift humanity and create positive change in people’s lives.

We are an eCommUnity of heart-centered, transformative coaches and healers stepping into mastery at the intersection of our unique and innate wisdom, human awakening and entrepreneurship.

Imagine being surrounded by a like hearted tribe of wise souls who are:

  • Exploring, creating and growing their business in simple, powerful and profitable ways
  • Mastering how to deliver their Wisdom to create greater impact and raving fans
  • Simplifying business and prioritizing energy and alignment before action