Money Grows on Trees | Lloyd Ross

July 2022

Lloyd Ross - Money Grows on Trees
Network Marketing Australia
Money Grows on Trees

About this podcast

Discover how Lloyd leveraged the power of network marketing to build a share portfolio of over $1 million, and how you can too.

What you'll learn:
  • How to leverage network marketing cashflow to plant a money tree
  • How you can be a millionaire even if you aren’t a top income earner in your company
  • How to get started planting your money tree

About Lloyd Ross

Lloyd Ross - Money Grows on Trees

A former lawyer, and property marketer, Lloyd has 3 university degrees in biomedical science, business and law.

Built a million-dollar share portfolio from scratch and is the author of two books ‘Money Grows on Trees’ and ‘Money Buys Happiness.’ He’s also the host of the popular money podcast show ‘Money Grows on Trees.’

Lloyd was the INBA natural body building comp winner in 2016, and completed a 100km ultra marathon in 2020.

He and his wife, Alisha are the founders of ‘The Side Hustle Secret’ having built a large online network marketing business from scratch (which does $5 million in sales annually) and having helped over 80 people create five- and six-figure online side hustles following their system.

Lloyd’s mission is to do what school should have done – bring simple, effective and practical financial education to the masses!

About 'Money Grows on Trees'

Lloyd Ross - Money Grows on Trees

No matter your current financial situation, you can get your money making more money for you today onwards, on complete autopilot.

I’ve coached tens of thousands of people who have turned their money story around instantly, and are profiting from these exact concepts today.

You don’t need a million dollars to get started. You just need to change how you think about money and start using what you’ve already got to create more while you sleep.

Find ‘Money Grows on Trees’ on Lloyd’s website.