It’s Not About You | John Gardiner

June 2021

John Gardiner podcast
Network Marketing Australia
It’s Not About You

About this podcast

What you'll learn:
  • Learn how you can create rapport with your prospect in two minutes or less
  • You can be relaxed while you are talking to a prospect
  • When someone asks “What do you do?”, you will have them asking for a presentation
  • Understand how to be kind to yourself
  • 7 easy questions to qualify your prospects

About John Gardiner

John Gardiner has recently celebrated 35 years in business. He has been a shopping centre consultant to 3 of the largest companies in Australia, has been a successful retailer with 3 stores on the Sunshine Coast, a franchisee, started 2 IT companies and has now developed a large Nu Skin business in many countries around the globe.

John joined Nu Skin because he saw something in Network Marketing that was not evident in traditional business – leverage. All of the businesses John had been in, required him to ‘be there’ and although the money rolled in, he had very little time to spend with his young family.

Now the income is less about him and more about his team.

Take the time to listen to John’s Network Marketing experience and why he believes that the future is assured for him and his family for generations to come.

About Nu Skin

NuSkin logo

Nu Skin is an iconic company in the Network Marketing industry. Their business philosophy is based on integrity which flows through to their people, products and presence in the market.

Nu Skin is not a hype-based business and therefore appeals more to the Australian culture.