Free Your Voice: Breaking the silence and speaking your truth | Kayleen Greagan

May 2024

Podcast recording coming soon.

About this podcast

Kayleen is a global influencer, bestselling author, and passion advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Through her impactful autobiography and motivational talks, Kayleen has touched hearts worldwide, channeling healing energy frequencies that inspire strength and resilience. Join me in welcoming this extraordinary individual whose advocacy and storytelling create profound positive change.

What you'll learn:
  • Empowerment through authenticity

  • The power of storytelling, and how my story can help you heal

  • Navigating vulnerability

  • Actionable tips for listeners to live their best life

About Kayleen Greagan

As an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and dedicated advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Kayleen is committed to empowering individuals to find their voice and embark on transformative journies. Her written works delve into the complexities of healing and resilience, providing a compassionate guide for those navigating similar experiences.
With a powerful message of hope and empowerment, Kayleen uses her platform to raise awareness about the impact of childhood sexual abuse and break the silence surrounding this sensitive issue. As a motivational speaker, she engages audiences with inspiring narratives and practical strategies, encouraging them to embrace their inner strength and overcome adversity.

Her journey as an advocate is driven by a deep-seated passion to create a supportive community for survivors and foster a culture of empathy and understanding. Through her work, she aims to dismantle stigmas, amplify voices, and facilitate healing for those who have endured the pain of abuse.

Join her on this transformative path as we collectively strive to empower individuals, free their voices, and create a world where survivors are not only heard but also celebrated for their resilience and courage.