Network Marketing – Everyone Should Try It At Least Once | Eva Bergstrom

September 2022

Eva Bergstrom
Network Marketing Australia
Network Marketing – Everyone Should Try It At Least Once

About this podcast

Eva Bergstrom wants you to know that Network Marketing benefits are enormous even if you don’t make a million dollars, The benefits are more than riches.

What you'll learn:
  • If you ever doubted your ability to succeed in business this talk may change your mind
  • If you think that only top leaders benefits in Network Marketing you need to hear what Eva has to say.
  • What does Network Marketing having common with Olympic Swimmers?  Listen as Eva shares her strategy.

About Eva Bergstrom

Eva Bergstrom

Most people desire the financial freedom to do as they choose in life – and as an entrepreneur who has built award winning businesses throughout the health, beauty, and anti-aging industries, Eva help people do exactly that.

These days, Eva is a Chairperson 2 in a multi-million-dollar health and anti-aging company working multiple wellness brands designed for optimal health. Yet the journey to her current success and financial freedom involved coaching thousands of others in specific strategic marketing and personal skills. As a result, she is surrounded by a core team of amazing people, all now self-assured, financially independent leaders who pull together supporting each other as well as herself.

Underpinning all her success is a genuine drive to help people. Eva wants everyone to realise their dreams, especially when they think they’re impossible to achieve. Hard work has definitely played a big role in her success, but only by helping people could she have achieved so much.

It is amazing, too, how many people want to give up right before they find success; Eva helps people overcome this barrier.

Outside business, life has dealt Eva some enormous personal challenges, but she can thank these difficult times for giving her a high level of empathy. Eva understands people’s private battles and how they impact on every area of life. At one stage Eva left the workforce completely to study spiritualism before re-entering business life. She has certainly been from the deepest depths to the pinnacles of joy and is grateful for every lesson it taught her.

While she is now fully independent and financially free through her expertise in health and anti-aging, her greatest joy is helping others.
Eva thrives on creating communities of people who support each other through encouragement and coaching. She cannot see a better way in which to both help oneself and others.