Conscious Connections | Karina Chapman

May 2024

Network Marketing Australia
Conscious Connections

About this podcast

Karina Chapman is an Author, Conscious Connection Expert and Dating and Relationship coach, who is passionate about helping others to connect in meaningful long-term relationships.

What you'll learn:
  • The role understanding human behaviour and relationships plays in the success of network marketing businesses

  • How trust can lay the foundation of a healthy, long-term relationship

  • How to build trust over time

  • Actionable steps to improve relationship-building skills and create lasting connections

About Karina Chapman

Karina Chapman is an Author, Speaker, Conscious Connection Expert and Relationship and Dating Coach based in Adelaide, South Australia. She is passionate about teaching others how to attract the relationships they dream of into their lives.

Whether it’s attracting a love relationship, or connecting with new friends, Karina helps you gain clarity and knowledge around the relationships and types of people you want to attract, then how to use that clear vision to connect with others to create new, lasting connections.
Research shows that we are experiencing more loneliness than ever before, and human connection is one of our basic needs to increase happiness and joy in our lives.

She is the author of the fictional series ‘The Vixen’s Secret Handbook’ and creator of the ‘Aligned Connections’ and ‘Finding Your Tribe’ Programs.

With over thirty years’ experience in industries where communication and connection are essential, Karina now helps others find long-lasting love and friendships through her one-on-one and group programs. Now more than ever before, we all need more positive, long-term relationships in our lives.