About Network Marketing Australia

The purpose of Network Marketing Australia is to...

Provide information that is unbiasedfactual and relevant to the Australian market – so that people who are contemplating joining the Network Marketing industry, can make an informed decision.

Enhance the public and professional image of the Network Marketing industry by building mutual trust and respect among all reputable companies and individuals

Help Network Marketers from all companies to grow their businesses, by providing quality information and training that is relevant.

Additional goals include the following…

To help those who are new to Network Marketing to understand and appreciate the value of our industry.

Encourage people to edify all reputable companies and individuals in the Network Marketing industry.

Operate on the highest ethical plane at all times.

Treat Member’s personal information with the highest confidentiality and integrity.

Provide Members with the best possible service. Our objective is to under-promise and over-deliver.

To have fun – and to encourage others to also have fun.